KINDRED: Dr. Lynne Zarbatany

We’re back with two more episodes to kick off the summer!

Friendship is a central part of KINDRED; the people we choose to spend our time with are as much our kin as the communities we were born into. In this episode, Aisha Khan and Dr. Lynne Zarbatany trace human connection from our newborn moments to the platonic and romantic relationships that carry us through adulthood. Dr. Zarbatany is a psychology professor at Western University who researches and teaches about peer cliques, peer networks, and socialization processes within those networks. Join her and Aisha for a discussion about intercultural communities, friendship, and bullying, sprinkled with some Mean Girls references.

You can read the issue virtually at or contact us on social media at @iconoclastuwo to purchase a print copy.

This podcast is produced by ICONOCLAST Collective and Nara Monteiro. It is co-hosted and jointly edited by Julia Albert, Aisha Khan, and Hadi Kiani. Out intro music for this episode is “We Are Heading to the East” by Springtide and the episode artwork is by Jehyun Sung. Special thanks to Radio Western for the recording space.

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