KINDRED: The Directors’ Episode

Kicking off Season II of ICONOCAST, Directors Jerika Cadudada, Catherine Cassels, and Veronica Botnik sit down with host Nara Monteiro to introduce our new theme, KINDRED. Join our discussion about achieving intimacy in art, how technology facilitates and impedes human connection, and maintaining a sense of self within relationships.

We are accepting KINDRED submissions to until February 15th. See for our mood board, prompts, and submission guidelines.

This podcast is produced by ICONOCLAST Collective and Nara Monteiro and is co-hosted and jointly edited by James Gagnon, Julia Albert, Aisha Khan, and Hadi Kiani. Out intro music for this episode is “We Are Heading to the East” by Springtide. Special thanks to Radio Western.  

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