Tune in for co-host Aisha Khan’s talk with artist, Western student, and longtime ICON contributor Reilly Knowles. They discuss the intersection of art, body, and nature, the importance of sustainable art practices, and how it can be damaging to think of things in a natural/unnatural binary. Find Reilly’s work at @reilly_knowles.
This podcast is produced by ICONOCLAST Collective and was edited by James Gagnon and Nara Monteiro.
Cover art: “The Old Oak” by Reilly Knowles


This week we interview Tom Cull, a nature poet, Western professor, former poet laureate of London, and candidate for the Green Party of Canada. We delve into action as an antidote to climate anxiety, the traditional and boundary-breaking ways to engage with nature in writing, and the importance of creating. Tom also reads us some poetry.
This podcast is produced by ICONOCLAST Collective and edited by Nara Monteiro. Special thanks to Radio Western.


Welcome to Season I of ICONOCAST! Join co-hosts Aisha Khan and Nara Monteiro as they interview ICON Directors Jerika Caduhada, Catherine Cassels, and Veronica Botnick about UPROOTED. We talk about camping trips and greenhouses, global warming and the anthropocene, and some of the incredible work that inspired UPROOTED. Produced and edited by Nara Monteiro with special thanks to Radio Western.


Welcome to ICONOCAST, our collective’s companion podcast! Our inaugural episode delves further into the themes of MYTHIC with a few guests. We spoke with Directors Nara Monteiro and Jerika Caduhada, poet and ICON contributor Danielle Solo, and Dr. Kyle Gervais, Professor and Graduate Chair of Classics here at Western.

Produced by Nara Monteiro & Emily Chiarvesio, hosted by Aisha Khan & Eva Alie, and edited by Toria Obeng. Special thanks to Radio Western.